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Who we are

Established by Stewart Dingle, The Redback brand originated as Redback SARMs in early 2018 and quickly gained substantial popularity. While maintaining his profession as a self-employed bricklayer, Stewy dedicated himself to a rigorous full-time schedule from Monday to Friday, overseeing a team of bricklayers during the day and efficiently managing order processing, packing, and shipping in the afternoons, all while adhering to a fitness regimen. Even during weekends, he remained steadfast in fulfilling orders and promptly addressing customer inquiries. As the brand gathered considerable momentum, Stewy made the strategic decision to introduce a line of gym apparel, giving rise to Redback Liftwear.

Where We Going

Both brands enjoyed considerable success; however, changes in Australian legislation necessitated the closure of Redback SARMs. Redback Liftwear continued to thrive for an additional year, but unfortunately, due to unforeseen challenges, including the impact of COVID-19 and personal reasons, the business temporarily ceased operations for a few years. We are excited to announce our return, fully reinvigorated and dedicated to delivering top-quality clothing. Our mission is straightforward: to empower your performance and elevate your style. We have meticulously crafted our products to be distinctive, of superior quality, and exceptionally comfortable. Whether you're hitting the gym or enjoying a night out on the town, Redback Liftwear has got your back! Our unmistakable Redback spider logo proudly symbolises our Australian heritage, with our roots firmly planted in Perth, Western Australia. It also adds a touch of ferocity to our products that sets us apart, and our customers love it!

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